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Coconut, cardamom and orange pie by Griotte

Serves 6

For the pastry base : 
100 grams of butter
30 grams of grated coconut
200 grams of flour
40 grams of sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of cardamom
A genenours pinch of salt

For the filling : 
60 grams of coconut cream and coconut milk combined
1 gram of agar agar
300 grams of cottage cheese
70 grams of mascarpone 
2 tablespoons of grated coconut
50 grams of cane sugar

For the topping : 
3 large ripe oranges
Edible flowers
A handful of pistachios

Preparing the pastry dough: Chop the butter into cubes. Using your fingertips, gently work the butter into the flour. Then, add the grated coconut, sugar, cardamom, salt and finally the egg. Continue mixing until you have a smooth dough. Next, gently work it together until it forms a ball of dough. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and pop it into the fridge to chill.

Preparing the filling: Pour the coconut cream, coconut milk and agar agar into a saucepan. Watching carefully, bring it to the boil and remove it immediately when it starts to boil. Set aside and leave to cool.

In a bowl, mix the fromage frais, mascarpone, grated coconut and cane sugar. Then, delicately fold in the coconut cream and coconut milk mixture. Stir well. Put in a piping bag and place in the fridge.

Take your pastry dough out of the fridge. Dust your work surface and rolling pin with flour and carefully roll out your pastry. Grease and flour your pie tin and ease the pastry into the tin. Prick the entire surface of the pastry, including the sides, with a fork to prevent it from rising. Bake in an oven preheated to 180°C for 15 minutes or until a golden crust forms. Leave to cool.

Peel and supreme the oranges. Spread the supremes on the pie base and sprinkle with crushed pistachios. Pipe the cream over it. Decorate with edible flowers before serving.

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