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Taking care of bed linen

Each item of CARAVANE bed linen is an embodiment of traditional know-how and has a story to tell. These noble and living fabrics do however require special attention to enable you to enjoy them for the longest possible time.

bed linen caravane
bed linen caravane

We strongly recommend that all cotton or linen items are washed before being used for the first time:

• Machine wash at 40°
• Turn items inside-out before washing so as to protect stitching, embroidery and trimmings
• Always wash separately from other items so as to preserve colours
• Opt for a delicate or eco-friendly washing programme – generally less aggressive and with fewer optical brightening agents.

bed linen caravane
bed linen caravane

Special tip: to protect certain delicate trimmings – such as the mother-of-pearl buttons on the EPIDAUR collection – wash your bed linen items in a large net bag or a cotton pillow case.

Linen is a fabric that truly enjoys a spin in a tumble dryer as it offers a softer feel. No need to iron; on the contrary, enjoy the delightful wraparound feel of this elegantly crumpled cloth against your skin. Furthermore, linen is a thermotaxic fabric, providing coolness in summer and warmth in winter; cosy and comforting, lively and lazy.

bed linen caravane

Worth knowing : inside each of our linen items you will find a sew-in label providing its dimensions – very convenient when you are trying to find the right size cover for your duvet... 

Cotton likes to be lightly ironed in order to give it just the right amount of smartness, crispness or softness. Always iron cotton items inside out so as to preserve colours and prints. Cotton brightens up your nights with a light, refreshing caress, offering a promise of delightfully voluptuous dreams. 

CARAVANE's bed linen collections love to mix and mingle with one another, combining different materials, thicknesses, colours and motifs. Fabrics to drape across your bed and create your very own dreamlike experience.

bed linen caravane

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