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Let’s take a big breath of fresh air: green is the colour in the spotlight for the new Caravane capsule collection.

Green of plant vaults, green of luck, green of rice fields, green of childhood, tender green, green of the wind in the trees, green of life and hope... Under all its variations, this colour that has always been loved at Caravane lives its moment of glory.

Laurier, Cypress, Lake, Glacier, meet in a soothing and poetic ensemble.

By affirming its intrinsic links with nature and plants, Caravane signs a collection that is both joyful and serene, where raw materials mingle with the softness of the fabrics. Dotted here and there with vegetal patterns, the pieces of the collection create an ensemble like a natural cocoon. And to pursue this idea of returning to the roots, green is associated with plant fibres: bright bamboo, clean abaca, bold jute. Colour becomes matter and matter becomes colour, for a coherent and deeply living whole that seems to palpitate.


Even the iconic pieces lend themselves to the game and wear this optimistic colour in order to bring a new breath to your interior. Sometimes soft in bed linen, sometimes bright in enamelled dishes, green creates surprise without ever losing its impact. Here and there, touches of green bring a soothing atmosphere to your interior, and radiate their positive symbolism to begin this New Year.

An inspiration, literally as figurative.

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