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Curcuma Collection

Caravane lets the sunshine in for the upcoming year, with the new mood-lifting collection "Curcuma" (Turmeric), all in bright colours and vibrant patterns. The queen of spices, characterised by its iconic yellow hue, is a symbol of life and mother of virtues.

Curcuma is also a colour that has been dear to Caravane's heart since the very beginning, and that you will love to (re)discover in every single room : lustrous bedsheets, shimmering objects, bright and flowery patterns... 

The iconic shade has been scattered across signature pieces and used as an inspiration for new ones. 
Enjoy this captivating stopover on the Spice Route. 

Some say that turmeric is the spice with a thousand virtues : with this collection, its first benefit will be to shed a new enchanting light upon your home... 

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