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Store Saint-Germain des Près La Table

16 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Caravane's exciting Parisian adventure continues with the opening of a second boutique devoted to stylish tableware, located at 16 rue Jacob (Paris 6) at the heart of the Saint Germain des Près district and just down the street from its "big sister" at no.9. 

This new treasure trove is a condensed package of artistic know-how and craftsmanship, a spicy collection of tableware, both poetic and slightly impertinent at the same time. Caravane Saint Germain des Prés "la Table" offers a selection of noble and natural materials, reflecting the brand's commitment to creativity: terracotta, ceramics, recycled glass, woven plant fibres or recycled textiles, a permanent washed linen range, raw steel… Different objects, different materials but one common denominator – the beauty of hand-crafted artistry


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M° Saint Germain des Près
Parking Saint Germain des Près or Mazarine


01 83 75 81 21

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