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Store Bastille La Maison

19 rue Saint Nicolas, 75012 Paris

Caravane Bastille, opened in 2001, was originally devoted to the intimate sphere of sleep, rest and relaxation. The space today, set out on two levels takes one through different parts of the home, from the public aspect of living rooms to the private, cosier domain of the bedroom.

In warm, tranquil rooms and in the lively dormitory, beds of all sizes, plush downy quilts, stylish bedside tables and lamps are displayed as well as Caravane’s bed and bath linens.

Caravane’s extensive sofa collection is also represented throughout the shop, in ever-renewed décors. Seeing the sofas in room settings and a variety of fabrics is a great way to choose the right one.

A wide range of Caravane and many others’ fabric samples in an infinite variety of colours, patterns and textures will make every sofa a unique, purely personal piece.


Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.


M° Bastille ou Ledru Rollin
Parking Ledru Rollin


01 53 02 96 96

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