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Woven light

Astonishing Mademoiselle PHO and ILAM woven from bamboo shoots or mysterious TRECCIA made of steel thread: light dressed in its finest attire to tell its own amazing story.

TRECCIA is a seemingly hand-knitted hanging lamp made of burnished steel thread. The highly particular weave of the metal makes it gentle to the touch, surprisingly soft. The light shines through the mesh, casting shadows to create a delicate, subtle and subdued atmosphere.

Mademoiselle PHO is hand-woven deep in the heart of Vietnam by master artisans, using remarkable ancestral know-how handed down through the generations. The natural black bamboo shoots overlay one another without ever becoming tangled. Mademoiselle PHO is available as a hanging fixture but also as a standard or table lamp. In the latter versions the lamp is mounted on a finely finished raw steel base plate specially manufactured in France. Totally new and somewhat unusual shapes and forms diffusing warm and textured light..

Bamboo shoots once again, hand-woven in Vietnam using this marvellous ancestral technique, but this time to create a new silhouette, with a more geometric look and feel. The ILAM hanging lamp subtly combines modern design and natural weaving. The structure of the lamp shade, highly contemporary with its overlaying tubes, produces stunning light, full of substance.

Lamps that resemble hanging baskets or sculptural works of art. Unique objects, woven by hand, bringing volume and character to your interior lighting.

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