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The alchemic powers of Noé

The must-ave of Noé table linen is now even more appealing, thanks to the additions of two news colours : mordoré and mordoré stripes.

The magic of this collection lies first and foremost in the freshness of linen. An irresistible extra touch is then provided by the elegant embroideryn a delicate edge stitching that brings a touch of elegance to each piece of fabric.


The Noé range provides above all the opprtunity to compose your very own table setting to suit your fancies or extravagant whims. A plain tablecloth provides a backdrop upon which are laid napkins selected from the same colour palette and with three different weaving styles: solid, stripes or chambray.

Inspiration is of course highly personal: matching or contrasting tones of colour, blends of different textures, it's entirely up to you. Each piece of fabric can be associated with another in the way that you wish, creating a gentle and soothing interaction.

For a lively, rhythmic, unique and lush table setting, Noé truly possesses alchemic powers.

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