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The 45 new shades of Selena

The exceptional Selena collection, 18 subtle shades of washed linen, is now even more customizable with the arrival of 45 new colours, all made to order. This rich and harmonious palette turns a new page for Selena: stylish and even slightly flirtatious for some, the beauty of creative quirkiness for others, or just the pleasure of satisfying one's whimsical fancies.

Colours for the bedroom: a palette of washed linen

Ecume, galet, orage, avoine, rooibos, céleste, alpin, laurier, plume, aurore, souffle, éclipse, nébuleuse, mordorée, cinabre… muted tones of pastel colours: an exclusive collection of 45 subtle shades for reinventing the bedroom world and composing and sharing your very own universe. 

What joy to discover perfect personal harmony, to create a bed that is just right for you, bearing the colours of your most intimate dreams.


Treasures of craftsmanship

The beauty of the Selena range (grammage: 170 grammes per sq.m) derives from the excellence that is demanded at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Noble, natural linen fibre is harvested and woven in Europe. The fabric is then dyed, washed and softened to produce the delicately crumpled, delightfully voluptuous texture. 

Piece-dying is the next step, performed on a made-to-order basis in our French workshops: each piece of washed linen is plunged into a carefully-prepared dye bath and is gently impregnated; the true colours are revealed on contact with the fibres and produce a quite magical result, deep and vibrant. Each set of bed linen is then scrupulously examined in order to ensure harmony of colour, even though every individual item remains truly unique and offers its own vibrant effects.

The result is truly exceptional: the charm of elegant, effortless casualness, combined with the audaciousness of living fabrics.

Allow a lead time of 3 weeks for mainland France and 1 month for international orders in order to take delivery of your chosen items, delicately wrapped inside a matching Furoshiki package.

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