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Imaginary journey

Beneath the soft outer covering of this dainty washed linen pouch is a delightful candle that extends an invitation to travel to a destination hidden in the furthest recesses of your mind. 
Each of these scented candles has a story to tell… close your eyes and allow yourself to be wafted away on a sensual trip wrapped up in subtle blends of delicate fragrances.

Each candle conjures up its own magical world, offering a scent of escape.


A breeze blows in from a far-off island, its fine sandy beaches bathed in bright sunlight. 
The top note is delicately floral (rockrose, hawthorn, heliotrope), with an ethereal air. Next to reveal itself is a mild and subtle aromatic blend of orange blossom and vanilla. The journey continues with base notes of amber, musk and vetiver. 
A pure and tender harmony, as light and as airy as a cotton veil.


The slight chill of a winter sky is evoked by the fragrance of star anis emanating from this candle. 
The freshness of fennel then blends with the woody strength of leather, enhanced by the heart note of bourbon vetiver. A highly alluring fragrance blowing straight in from southern climes.
A journey into an unknown wilderness.


The sun sets on a hypnotic forest. 
The leaves rustle and the aroma of hazlenuts, heliotrope and figs reaches your nose. The strength of sandalwood blends with birch while the essence of davana infuses with soft notes of truffle. This bewitching experience is delightfully rounded off with base notes of patchouli, vanilla and amber. 
Like a forest mist that lifts to reveal an esoteric panorama.


The warm, all-consuming flame becomes enigmatic and sensual, spellbindingly bewitching. 
An unctuous, heady, intoxicating candle (rice, elemi, cardamom), with warm fragrances of orange bark, cumin and saffron, allied with the audacious elegance of sandalwood, musk and heliotrope. 
Like a leisurely stroll through the stalls of a spice market, surrounded by precious and delicate aromas.

Adventure is everywhere

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