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Golden glints to create precious light

Precious mirrors and bright lights: let there be light - golden light - and let that light sparkle!

Each object radiates with the savoir-faire of the artisan who crafted it. This is the special magicc of handcrafted pieces that glow with a new and different light: 

• Encased in a fine sheet of brass, the jewel-like Ame mirror illuminates any wall.

• With their constellations of tiny perforations, the bronze patinated Ella and Lory table lamps and the open-work steel Kuro wall light filter the light, creating sparkling and poetic projections



• Crafted from a fine sheet of pressed metal, full of mottled patterns and golden reflections, together, the Klint designs make a perfect gallery of mirrors.

• Full of natural lightness, the revivifying Cosmos hanging ceiling light blooms and sparkles.

• Crafted from brushed steel, the slender yet majestic Dristi mirror glows with a delicate lustre.

Pieces that let the light shine through, transforming it into matter. Designs that glow warmly radiating sweet fantasies.

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