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Caravane Weaves its Magic

Reimagining the bourdon stitch … Over the years, the bourdon stitch has become a true signature of the Caravane house. With the helping hand of our passionate artisans, this iconic stitch continues to be a bespoke feature of every collection.

A stitch to exalt fabrics

Guided by the expert hands of artisans, who meticulously adapt each stitch to suit each piece of fabric, the bourdon stitch has become a code : 

  • In the BORA collection, the bourdon stitch is delicate yet striking, bringing life to the radiantly bright organic cotton percale;
  • In the MAYA collection, the bourdon stitch adds character to curtains and cushion covers made from natural linen and linen and jute blends. Such bold fabrics call for generous borders.
  • In the LIMALAYA collection, the playful bourdon stitch can be customised to highlight the silhouette of sofas.
  • In the SELENA and FIL A FIL collections, the exquisite edging of the bourdon stitch reveals the subtle luxury and elegant finesse of the washed linen.
  • Whether subtly highlighting the plump roundness of our small perfumed cushions or encircling the drawstring pouches that encase our scented candles, the bourdon stitch is a Caravane icon.

A palette of colours that is constantly reinvented, but always in perfect harmony or striking contrast. The versatile shades of the bourdon stitch will fulfil your heart’s desire.

A stitch in time …

Bask in the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship: whatever the side, whatever the angle, each is resplendent. A stitch that is elegant in its simplicity and meticulous in its execution. Caravane has dedicated years to creating a stitch of the perfect size and highest quality. A traditional savoir-faire, constantly reinvented, that adds a touch of modernity to each piece of fabric.

Discover the sublime bourdon stitch in all its iterations.

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