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Black and white: the hiding place of colour

Black and white takes us back to the basics, to the essentials of design. And yet, this collection is anything but binary: the black and white create a beautifully nuanced palette.

Whether the pieces are new, or timeless and iconic, this black-and-white exercise in style exemplifies Caravane's commitment to creativity. 

- A black that radiates a secret light : the intensity of black of the lightness of charcoal, a generous stitching or a delicate brush stroke, indigo superimpositions that are almost black, shades of black with undertones or red or green...

- A subtly textured white: an optical white, luminous or muted, bright or natural, cool or comforting, immaculate or speckled...


"Black is the hiding place of colour" Gaston Bachelard

A checkerboard of unique subtleties, contrasting and hypnotic, an invitation to create new and understand combinations. The elegant black and white designs create the perfect pretext for revealing a shimmering colourway.

Lamps, curtains, steel furniture, tableware, cushions, bourdon stitching, embroidery, topstitching...or brushstrokes, the black and white designs become pictorial, shining a light on the exceptional details of each piece or material.

Black and white: where colour begins.

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